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Teaching Associate, UCLA

Before coming to UCLA, I taught high school for five years, and teaching is still one of my greatest passions. Some courses I have taught as a graduate student are listed below along with some anonymous evaluations from students. 

UCLA: Teaching Associate, Winter 2021,

Fall 2021, and Winter 2022

  • Research Methods (PSYCH 100B)

    • Overall rating:​ 8.80

UCLA: Teaching Associate, Spring 2021

  • General Psychology Laboratory (PSYCH 101)

    • Overall rating: 8.33​

UCLA: Teaching Assistant, Fall 2020

  • Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 120A)

    • Overall rating: 8.42 (out of 9)

UCLA: Teaching Assistant, Fall 2019

  • Introductory Psychology (PSYCH 10)

    • Overall rating: 8.03 (out of 9)

"As a fourth year, Katie has been one of the best TA's I have had during my time at UCLA. I appreciated how prepared and succinct she made our discussions and review sessions. Whenever students had a question, Katie really took the time to break down the concepts to the bare basics, which was super helpful. She was also very present on CampusWire and in the GroupMe, going above and beyond what is normally expected of a TA. Thank you so much Katie! I wish you the best in your education and in your future career. <3"

"Katie was great!!! She understood the material and was able to teach it to students, which is hard for a lot of knowledgable people in academia. I understand how difficult it is to teach a group of students with their cameras off, but Katie still managed to engage the class with questions in the chat and occasional breakout rooms. She clearly explained all the concepts and dug deeper into course material. I appreciated that she described content from the readings as well, considering we didn't cover them during lecture with the professor. I am grateful to have had such an intelligent and caring TA during this difficult quarter."

"I love Katie! I can really tell that she cares about us and making sure that we get something out of the discussion. She teaches the material very clearly, and always answers my questions."


"Katie was a great TA. she was very understanding and was always willing to help and clarify concepts. Would definitely recommend her"


"Katie was an amazing TA, and I thought she was very knowledgeable of the material. She's very understanding to us, and is always willing to help us out. She was very clear with explaining and reviewing the material. I really appreciated the breakout rooms/activities we did for discussions, and also the review questions that were embedded into the presentation slides. The live captions for the class was very nice."


"Katie was really nice and very knowledgeable about the course material"


"She [Katie] was engaging, caring, patient, and knowledgeable."

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