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Research Team

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Himanshu Chaudhary

UCLA Alumni

Himanshu has been a Research Assistant for the lab since Fall 2020. He is also a Research Assistant for the Dynamic Memory Lab at UC Davis. He is interested in memory and development, specifically how false memories are made at a young age and ways to improve learning. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and to work as a professor in the future to continue his research. He enjoys spending his free time woodworking or making trinkets.


Ishita Kaloti

UCLA Alumni

Ishita joined the lab as a Research Assistant in Fall 2021. She is currently a clinical fellow at THINQ which is a health care improvement team within the UCLA Department of Medicine. She is interested in memory and learning, specifically how racial stereotypes affect learning in people of color. She plans on attending medical school to pursue her career in psychiatry. Outside of school she enjoys dancing, painting and trying new restaurants around LA.

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Celine Tran

4th year Cognitive Science major

Celine joined the lab in Spring 2022. She is interested in how cognition may play a role in influencing permanent behavioral changes for both longevity and wellbeing. In the coming years, she is planning to attend graduate school in dietetics to become a registered dietitian and then pursue graduate schooling in health psychology to study interactions between psychology, nutrition, and weight management in the far off future. She loves to cook nutritious food and go to the gym. 


Emily Huang

4th year Psychobiology Major

Emily has been with the lab since Winter 2020. She is interested in research on how anxiety can affect memory and cognition. She wants clinical experience in psychology and is on the premed route. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, origami, baking, and learning new skills. 

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Alice Duan

4th year Psychology major

Alice joined the lab in Spring 2022. She is interested in how memory plays a role in the development of mental health issues and what actions can be taken to support those struggling with their mental health and well-being. She is planning to attend graduate school in mental health counseling after graduation. She loves movies and enjoys baking sweet and creamy treats on the weekends!

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Brianna Wright

4th year Psychology major

Brianna is the lab manager and joined the lab as a Research Assistant in Spring 2021. She is interested in clinical research with a specific interest in anxiety, depression, and stress. She plans on attending graduate school after graduation to pursue a Ph.D. so that she can become a private practice clinical psychologist. She enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with family and friends, and going on new adventures.


Christina Alam

4th year Psychology major

Christina joined the lab as a Research Assistant in March 2021. She is interested in clinical, developmental, and memory-related research. She plans to go to graduate school and get her Ph.D. so that she may pursue a career in child psychology. For fun Christina loves to binge watch shows, bake, and read.


Itzel Nunez

3rd year Psychology and Education major

Itzel has been a Research Assistant for the lab since Winter 2020 and serves as the Lab Meeting Coordinator. She is interested in improving teaching and learning methods in K-12 education. She also wants to focus on developing mental health initiatives in school environments. She plans to attend graduate school and become a school psychologist. During her free time, Itzel enjoys mentoring incoming college students, baking, taking walks, going to the beach, and reading.

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Natalie Ha

3rd year Psychology major

Natalie has been a Research Assistant since Fall 2020. She wants to research the delivery of mental health services for children, with particular interests in cultural issues, school involvement in services, and adapting treatments for culturally-diverse populations. Natalie plans to pursue a Ph.D. to perform research and practice as a clinical child psychologist. She enjoys going to the beach, dancing, reading and playing with legos.


Alejandro Carranza

3rd year Psychology major

Alejandro joined the lab in Spring 2022. He is also a member of the Trust Lab since winter 2022. He is interested in how early life trauma can affect cognitive processes such as memory and language development. He plans on continuing his education by pursuing a graduate degree in either cognitive or developmental psychology. In his free time he enjoys swimming, running, and finding new restaurants to try out. 


Celine Nguyen

3rd year Psychobiology major

Celine is interested in studying gerontology, memory retention, and how memory retention can be affected by different conditions, such as anxiety. Celine plans to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in gerontology or pediatrics. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, clay sculpting, and practicing calligraphy!


Kanchan Raju

2nd year Cognitive Science major

Kanchan joined the Memory & Lifespan Cognition Lab as a Research Assistant in Fall 2021. Her interests lie in exploring the implications of cognitive science in medicine, technology, and music, especially in the context of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks. Kanchan has also been dancing and playing piano her whole life, and she is continuing to pursue these passions as the choreography captain of UCLA's Bollywood team, Nashaa and as a volunteer piano instructor for SLAM! at UCLA.

Lab Alumni

IMG_4293 - Julia Beasley.jpeg

Julia Beasley

UCLA '22

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 10.14.54

Julie Aguilar

UCLA Alumni

Celia Gleason

UCLA '21

 Research Assistant, Learning and Technology team at WestEd

IMG_1041 - Joy Hsieh.JPG

Joy Hsieh

UCLA '21

Product Manager, CardFree

EE2F653B-88E4-4486-903B-61BAADAA3F32 - Liora Rabizadeh.jpeg

UCLA '21

Liora Rabizadeh

Research Co-Investigator, CHEMED Health

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